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Without enough hands-on practice, taking care of medically complex patients is risky...and stressful.
Performing a one-time simulation test at the end of an online or classroom course isn't sufficient. There's too much at stake. This kind of work requires practice in a simulation lab, a place to learn and practice new skills in a safe environment.

Don't be unprepared.

Get your hands-on practice at BreatheWell Inspiration.

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Tracheostomy |  Ventilator | Medically Complex Medication & Feeding

Become a highly-skilled caregiver of medically complex patients.

Learn in a classroom, practice in a simulation lab, and perform with confidence to help your patients survive and thrive.
Medically complex patients need caregivers who have been educated with an adequate amount of hands-on practice, but this kind of education has been hard to find—until now. At BreatheWell Inspiration, our classroom and simulation lab delivers an in-person experience that will help any caregiver of medically complex patients become competent with routine and emergency care.

Become a confident caregiver of medically complex patients in our classroom and simulation lab.

Whether you're next to the patient or providing support from afar, BreatheWell Inspiration enables the entire team of caregivers to provide life-saving support.

Learn in an environment inspired by nursing school.
Practice and perfect your techniques on a mannequin.
Master your skills with one-on-one coaching.
Expert nurse who trains nurses and paramedics.
Leslie Elder, MSN, RN

Owner/President of BreatheWell Inspiration

It all started with a broken heart...

When a medically complex child died at home because the caregivers didn't know how to save the patient's life, I was heartbroken for the child, their grieving family, and the traumatized caregivers who were responsible that day.


After some research, I discovered that too many caregivers were not being educated with enough hands-on training. So I co-created the Trach Safe Initiative at Seattle Children's Hospital and taught many nurses there, but the curriculum needed to go public.


So after 30+ years at Seattle Children's, I retired and launched BreatheWell Inspiration because I have a tremendous amount of compassion for medically complex patients, their families, and for every single caregiver who steps forward to take care of them.


- Leslie, Owner & President of BreatheWell Inspiration

We have classes for everyone.

Healthcare Workers

Whether you're a student, nurse, paramedic or clinical leader, you'll become a caregiver that the patient and their family can count on.

Family & Friends

We'll educate you like we would educate a licensed home care nurse because we never want you to feel unprepared and helpless.

Staff Members

Even if you're in a supporting role in an office somewhere, we believe the whole team should know the process and how to help, if needed.

Are you ready?

It's easy to get started. Just follow the steps.


Depending on your role in the caregiving system, you'll find individual classes and discounted packages on our Classes page. Just click on the REGISTER NOW button to get there.



After you book your classes, you'll receive instructions via email and we'll see you on your selected dates to get you trained and ready to become a well-respected, highly-skilled caregiver.



When you leave BreatheWell Inspiration, you'll be ready to help each patient thrive, which will help every family member feel more relaxed. And you'll feel like you can handle anything.


At BreatheWell Inspiration, we know you want to be the best caregiver possible for your medically complex child, family member, or patient. To be the kind of caregiver that everyone can count on, you need the kind of in-person education that has been very hard to find—until now. Educators know it's critical for caregivers to practice their skills and work through any mistakes, yet they might lack a simulation lab that allows practice with immediate feedback on responses. Many educational programs for medically complex home health care do not provide their students with a full simulation lab experience—on all of the care needs typically seen in medically complex people. Some programs are primarily online, or they're self-guided on random websites. Both are problematic because they put too many caregivers into the field who haven’t had enough hands-on practice in a simulation lab. The result has been a far too risky, high-anxiety work environment that has been producing too much stress and, unfortunately, too many near-misses and tragedies at home. These might be avoided, or incidences decreased, if the caregivers had completed a program with a simulation lab—like the one we have at BreatheWell Inspiration. Since saving lives is the same goal in every healthcare environment, we believe it’s necessary for students to gather in a classroom with a qualified instructor, listen and ask questions, then practice multiple care skills in a simulation lab-for hours, over and over again. We understand how important this is to you, that you want to do a good job, that you want to be proficient at quality care and saving lives. And we know it’s challenging care, but it’s an honorable career path and with a proper education, you will find success. That’s why we took the same teaching concepts we've learned and made them available to you at BreatheWell Inspiration.

Practice your techniques at BreatheWell Inspiration, then head into the field with skills and confidence.
Nurses, paramedics, and parents studying for medically complex caregiving.
You'll learn from an experienced nurse.

From anatomy to equipment and supplies, I'll teach and show you everything I know about how to perform the best routine care.

You'll be prepared for emergencies.

I'll walk you through various emergency scenarios you might be faced with and I'll show you how to handle them like a pro.

A nurse takes care of a tracheostomy patient.
A nurse helps medically complex patients and their family feel better.
You'll be a source of comfort.

You'll be able to help your patient, their family, and the entire team of caregivers feel safe, calm, and comforted.

I wish I had taken the Tracheostomy Emergency Airway Management class five years ago. It would have reduced the amount of anxiety and trauma I experienced during emergencies.

Amy, MSN, RN

We sent four nurses to the tracheostomy training. Upon return, they all said the training was fantastic and challenged them to think of how things can be done better and safer. They also raved at how fantastic a trainer Leslie is. We will be signing up for more training very soon!

Becky Norem


For family members who are not in the medical field, BreatheWell Inspiration is a great place to gain confidence.

Aunt Michelle

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